With the goal of building a permanent instance for communication and dialogue between civil society, governments and intergovernmental organizations of the issue of integration, the First Greater Caribbean Civil Society Forum was held with the attendance of representatives of over 400 non-governmental organizations.

Trade and integration; economic and social development; gender and environmental problems; identity and integrationist culture; democracy and regional governance, were the issues discussed in this forum, which is aiming for seeking its institutionalization. The conclusions were presented to the Council of Ministers of the Association of the Caribbean States. The Forum was organized by the Coordinadora Regional de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales (CRIES); the Foro de Apoyo Mutuo de México (FAM); de la Iniciativa Civil para Integración Centroamericana (ICIC); the Instituto Venezolano de Estudios Sociales y Políticos (INVESP); and the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana (UPJ).